Why choose eXtreme Circus?

There is no sport more eXtreme, or more exhilarating, than the circus arts.  Soaring through the air on the flying trapeze is a thrill like no other, and performing your first drop on the silks is an adrenaline rush!  Whether you want to be in the air, or on the ground, we have something for you.  So if it’s your first time, or 500th, we want you to run away with our circus!  We take in students of every skill level, from beginner to elite, and offer the very best instruction.  We also belong to a community of circus schools around the globe, so wherever life takes you, there will be a place to hone your craft.

Classes offered

The circus activities here run all throughout the day, and involve a range of disciplines.  We offer classes in flying trapeze, aerial apparatus (silks, lyra, static, etc.), juggling, hand balancing, tumbling, and trampoline. In addition to the classes, we also have weekly shows (which you can perform in!) including a dinner cabaret. Click the link to see our schedule and sign up!

eXtreme Circus Camps

We have three different Circus Camps in our portfolio:

  • Flying Trapeze Intensive: Join our instructors for daily trapeze and trampoline classes to build your aerial awareness, and improve your skills on the flying trapeze.  All levels welcome.
  • Aerial Intensive: Build strength and grace with daily aerial instruction, and advanced motor control classes.  Be prepared to push your body to it’s limits as you stretch, climb, and push harder than ever before – all with a smile on your face. All levels welcome.
  • Guest Instructor’s Camp: Ready to push to the next level? Join our guest instructors as they teach you the secrets only the professionals know. These camps vary in skill level, focus, and apparatus, and may be restricted to certain experience levels.


We understand how important good rest is while you are on vacation.  That’s why at eXtreme we provide large rooms free of distraction. The rooms are spacious and airy, naturally cooled by the ocean breeze. All rooms come equipped with a mini-fridge, large ceiling fan, fresh bottled drinking water, and a balcony with a garden view overlooking our Flying Trapeze. eXtreme Hotel is a 100% solar powered Eco-Hotel, with a philosophy of being an active part of the local Dominican community.  We believe that giving back helps make Kite Beach, Cabarete, and the Dominican Republic a better place for everyone.

The Team

eXtreme Circus is a part of the eXtreme Collective based at Kite beach, Cabarete, in the sunny Dominican Republic. Our team of professional, certified circus instructors have trained for years to ensure you get the best training possible.  Alongside our team of permanent coaches, we have a rotating list of guest instructors from professional circuses the world over, providing the most diverse training environment in the world.


Circus Aerial Space
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