Check out the activities in Cabarete

Cabarete has a lot of wonderful sights, and incredible activities – the most popular being kite surfing on Kite Beach.  With over 300 days a year of great wind, the north coast of the Dominican Republic should be on every kite boarders list.  But what do you do when there’s no wind?  Or what do you do when you’re looking for the next big thing? Well, we’ve done the groundwork and here’s a list of 5 activities you can do in Cabarete that don’t require any wind.

5. Surfing is great on Encuentro Beach

Yup, we are starting this list of by staying in the water.  Surfing the north coast of Cabarete is always a nice treat.  You’re not gonna find enormous waves here, but the swell is always nice, and it’s a great place to learn if you’ve not surfed before.  Check out Pauhana Surf School for great rates and a good group of guys.  They’ll get you up on the board, and have you carving waves in no time.
A surf camp a day when the wind is away!

The water is still great when the wind isn’t

4. Scuba and Snorkel in Cabarete

We are going even further into the water now to see what colorful fish and coral live beneath the waves.  SCUBA diving and snorkeling are a bit more adventurous, and really give you a sense of the beauty of the ocean here.  Parrot fish, Black Tip Reef Sharks, and Sea Urchins await you in the underwater coral forests here.  See all kinds of life and swim in the warm waters either right off the beach, or charter a dive with any of the schools around.  You can get certified as a SCUBA diver through Dive Cabarete and explore the best dive spots in the Caribbean.
Learn to scuba dive in Cabarete

A fully certified PADI Dive Shop; Dive Cabarete can take you to the best spots

3. Hike the waterfalls

There are a lot of hidden treasures in Cabarete, but the hikes may be among the best.  Take a trip to the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua, and hike to the top with a guide to see the exotic nature the Dominican forests have to offer. Then slide and jump back down each waterfall in a wild thrill that’s perfect for your next Instagram video.  Just make sure to bring a waterproof camera, and a float for it!  If staying dry is more your style, you can visit the Monkey Jungle, climb up the Magic Mushroom, or try your hand at canyoning.  There’s many adventures that await you here!  Check out Kayak River Adventures for tour information, and bring your sense of fun!

Explore and take a leap in Cabarete

A lack of wind can’t stop you from flying at these incredible waterfalls

2. Get fit on the beach

So you like to sweat?  There are gyms all throughout Cabarete, but the best experience is always made better by being on the beach.  Throwing around a weight, or doing sprints with friendly people looking to stay fit is made all the better by beautiful weather.  If you want to slow down a bit and stretch it out, Yoga classes are also abundant all along the beach.  There’s no better way to relieve your stresses than through a great exercise session, followed by a nice stretch.  Check out The Yoga Loft, and eXtreme Fitness Camps to fix your beach body needs.

Join a fitness camp in Cabarete

Getting fit has never been so fun or scenic!

1. Fly through the air on the Trapeze

Of course I couldn’t leave out the circus!  Coming in as the number one thing to do when there’s no wind on Kite Beach are the Aerial Arts.  Learn to climb the silks and perform beautiful wraps and thrilling drops, or wow your friends and family with tricks and spins on the aerial hoop.  Learn to juggle, ride a unicycle, and embrace your inner circus artist with the different aerial classes available.  Or if you really want to see what you’re capable of, try the Flying Trapeze!  Often said to be the most adrenaline fueled sport you can ever do, the Flying Trapeze will get your heart pumping, and the crowd roaring.  Book a class here at eXtreme Circus to give it a try!
Too much fun in Cabarete

Fly through the air with the greatest of ease!