Coffee Spots — Girlfriend Getaway Part 2

By Ally Hornsby

Coffee Spots Vagamundo Cabarete

Coffee Spots — Girlfriend Getaway Part 2

You’re on holiday with a group of your best girlfriends, and you’re all staying at the Extreme Hotel Cabarete. How do you plan to spend your vacation?

Whether you’re in the mood for a girlie brunch or are having one of those last-night-ended-later-than-expected days, you’ll find great options, including cute coffee spots, while vacationing in Cabarete.

This is the second instalment in the Girlfriend Getaway series.

Coffee Spots — Girlfriend Getaway: Vagamundo Coffee and Waffles

You’ll probably hear about this place from me more than once. It’s because I love it, and you probably will, too. Their coffee selection is fantastic. A regular coffee, cappuccino, or an espresso are available, but you’ll also find their cold brew quite refreshing. Don’t leave without trying their nitro brew. Also, experiment with their frappuccino flavour options like coconut, java chip, vanilla, spiced chai, green tea, mocha, and caramel. Or go ahead and try their specialty, “7 summits”, if you have a sweet tooth.

The location is picturesque, which makes it a great spot to get some good snaps of you, your girls, and your coffee to share on the ‘gram.

Vagamundo is not only a quaint coffee spot. It’s also an extension of a non-profit organization that works to house street kids in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and South Sudan. The majority of their staff are young adults who have graduated from the home, as well as volunteers personally involved in the ministry. (Source)

Coffee Spots — Girlfriend Getaway: Cabarete Coffee Company

You’ll soon find out why this is a great café for you and your girls to head to for coffee and breakfast. It’s not only because they offer an all-day breakfast. The Company supports the Mariposa Dominican Republic Foundation. One of the ways they do is by donating leftover food to special families in need. Also, the coffee and cacao they use are locally bought products. If you have your own coffee cups or mugs, bring them with you, and they’ll give you a discount for helping to reduce waste. Enjoy your friends, your coffee, and your breakfast, while reducing your carbon footprint. You can get to Cabarete Coffee Company by walking along the beach, exiting just before the Ultraviolet Resort, and heading down that road to the main street, where the café is located.

Coffee Spots — Girlfriend Getaway: Claro Café

This is a cute little café that’s attached to a hotel. However, it’s not a part of it. All I have to say is Banana Bread French Toast. You read that right. Home-made and fresh! There are other amazingly tasty, fresh, and good-for-you options, such as omelettes, sandwiches, and more. They have coffee, too, so try their JoeChino, and peanut butter coffee. If you want to meet me there, either take a guagua or a moto, and tell them Claro Café. They should know where that is, and if they don’t, explain that it’s near to Janet’s Supermarket.

They’ll reopen in the early winter season.

Coffee Spots Latte Cabarete

As you can see, Cabarete has a number of cute and quaint places where you and your besties can hang out and savour tasty food and beverages that represent the Dominican Republic’s diverse culture.

The third and final instalment of this series is coming soon. In the meantime, catch up with the first post, Girlfriend Getaway Activities — Part 1: Favourite Places in Cabarete.