Why our Eco Hotel has no Air Conditioners

Why our Eco Hotel has no Air Conditioners

When you stay at the eXtreme Circus on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, you’re in for an experience that you won’t find anywhere else. We’re like that rebel friend you have because you know you’ll have some great adventures with them. One of the ways in which we’re doing things outside of the norm is by choosing to have a hotel without air conditioners. We know. It’s not a popular choice. But, like the rest of the DR, we’re committed to making choices that benefit the environment.

If you’re concerned about how you’ll stay cool while you’re at any of our retreats, your worries are unnecessary. After all, it’s Kite Beach. There’s nothing like waking up to a room filled with cool, cleansing breezes sweeping in from the beach. And that’s why Cabarete is known as the surf town in the DR.

So why did we choose to have an eco hotel without air conditioners? Here are five good reasons.

5 Reasons for an eco hotel without Air Conditioners

1. Energy guzzlers

Air conditioners consume an excessive amount of electricity, which makes them an inefficient resource. We solved this issue by making our hotel fully solar-powered. We’ve not only reduced our energy bill but also our carbon footprint. Best of all, more and more of our guests are thrilled to stay at an eco-friendly hotel that practises sustainability.

2. Dry skin isn’t cool

No one wants dry, ashy skin. But that’s what happens when you stay in an air-conditioned environment for long periods of time. It sucks up all the moisture from your skin. Definitely not a good look.

3. Respiratory issues

Do you know what’s living in the air-conditioning ducts? Mold is a culprit. As such, air conditioners are known offenders for circulating micro-organisms that can give rise to breathing problems, ranging from the common cold to Legionellosis. It makes matters worse if you have asthma or other respiratory conditions. We want you to breathe easy here on your vacation, so throw open the windows and inhale refreshing, clean air.

4. Dehydration

It has been said that you shouldn’t drink water when you feel thirsty because it means that your body is already experiencing symptoms of dehydration. Air-conditioned environments can contribute to dehydration because the AC sucks up all the humidity. The low temperatures make you think that you don’t need to stay hydrated because your body feels cold, when, in fact, you’re most likely dehydrated. We care about your health, so no air conditioners. Plus, don’t you want to have glowing, healthy skin while you’re having fun here?

5. Intolerance to normal heat

The more your body becomes accustomed to cold temperatures, the greater the risk of your body losing tolerance for normal warm conditions. True, it’s forever summer here. But it’s the kind of cozy warmth that’s super chill.

Stay cool the natural way

Trust us, you won’t miss the air conditioners while you’re here. Palm trees provide shade, and large ceiling fans keep your room cool. Brisk sea breezes will keep you refreshed and invigorated all day long. Plus, you’ll be too busy having a blast with all our daring and fun activities that your wild heart will love.


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