How Flying Trapeze is better than a Gym Workout

How Flying Trapeze is better than a Gym Workout

Circus arts, such as the flying trapeze, are becoming more and more popular, for a good reason! They are super fun, and they make you fit! At the Circus Camp of eXtreme Circus, you will find a very well-trained group of professionals that will ensure you get the best training and get to swing hands-free in no time. Don’t worry about safety. It goes without saying that all safety measures are in place and the equipment is meticulously maintained. You only have to concentrate on having fun!

My experience on the Flying Trapeze

Let me tell you about my experience! It’s OK, you can laugh! The first thing I remember is hanging upside down from a pull-up bar. Not even the moving trapeze yet. It took some help (maybe more than some) from my trusted eXtreme trainer to hang on to the bar, lift my legs, tuck them over, and let my hands go. The adrenaline rush when I hung backwards was unbelievable. So much fun! Yet, I was still afraid of the actual trapeze above my head.

To cut a long story short, I finally did it. I went up the vertiginous ladder, grabbed hold of the bar, and stepped off. Not as easy as it sounds! But that was it. The excitement of moving through the air was unbelievable. I didn’t want the long swings to stop. My trainer told me about timing and using the swing to achieve the right moves. In theory, it was all fine, but in practice, putting my legs over the bar was another story. I’m not gonna tell you this story now, but I’m sure you get the idea. If you are more supple than me, I’m sure you’ll do things a lot faster. And more gracefully, probably!

How the Flying Trapeze is better than a Gym Workout

I didn’t realize the effects until the next day, when my body was reminding me of all the excitement! Apparently, the trapeze class doesn’t feel like working out, but you actually are. Your mind is on the moves and the fun and you don’t even realize how many muscles you are working. The workout regimen is far more intensive than going to the gym. All the excitement makes you push your body harder and faster than you would if you were not engaged.

Notes from an experienced trapeze artist

According to the friendly team of trainers at eXtreme Circus, if you are mentally bored, you are going to want to stop your workout even before your muscles and your body are tired. With flying trapeze, you are having such a good time as you keep working on a trick and keep taking more and more turns, that you don’t even realize that your body is tired. Because you’re having a good time, your mind will push you further and further, and you will get a more intensive workout than you would otherwise. You are so focused on the trick and the enjoyment and are so engaged in the workout, that you only realize the impact on your body the next day, when you feel sore. You are getting a serious workout without even realizing, merely using the weight of your own body. Because of that, trapeze is suitable for everyone, regardless of their fitness level.

Another great benefit of the trapeze is that it sculpts a naturally fit body. Unlike the bulky muscles of a gym body—with the use of all the artificial weights—the body of the trapeze artist is lean and natural, thanks to the physical motion of the exercise. Flying trapeze creates a physical fitness that is both natural but also very sculpted.

I have to admit that the moves of the professional trapeze artists are very technical, but for us mere mortals, the whole endeavor doesn’t have to be so rigorous. Moving through the air feels so good, and you get fitter by even running up and down the ladder before each swing!

Circus Camp at eXtreme Circus

The Circus Camp at eXtreme Circus is an exhilarating experience. Feeling physically active and soaring through the air in this exotic Caribbean setting is remarkably invigorating. Flying trapeze is so much better than the gym. The momentum of the movement gives you such a high that you don’t ever want the session to end. The beauty of the graceful movement is reason enough to give it a try! Let’s fly!

P.S. A big thanks to eXtreme staff for all their help and their insights that helped me to write this post.