Extreme Circus Flying Trapeze Camp: ultimate bucket list destination

Extreme Circus Flying Trapeze Camp: ultimate bucket list destination

The practice of Circus Arts as exercise has never been more popular. Circus classes enhance flexibility and build serious strength. Plus, the experience feels much more like playing than working out! Flying Trapeze is an exciting way to keep fit and learn something new!

Extreme Circus Flying Trapeze Camp is the ultimate destination that you must check off your bucket list!

Do you dream of flying high on a flying trapeze, but haven’t found the courage actually to do it yet?

You can do it on vacation. It’s a lot simpler than you think. It is astonishing how much you can learn in just one session! Imagine your level of skill after a whole camp!

As you start learning, you will get a full set of detailed instructions from our professional trainers and learn the basic positions. You will be kept safe by a harness, as you get ready on the flying trapeze for your first swing! You will be taught how to position yourself on the bar, how to dismount with a backflip, and how even to attempt a catch!

Is Flying Trapeze a favorite hobby of yours?

Now you can enjoy it on vacation too! You can improve your skills and have lots of fun soaring through the air in our exotic location in the Caribbean. Specialized classes are available for experienced, dedicated, or intermediate flyers.

Fit for all levels of skill, from starter to expert

Flying Trapeze Camps at Extreme Circus are designed to fit all levels of ability and ensure you get the best training, whether you are a new or an experienced flyer! And the camps are flexible, so you can join anytime during the year, whenever your schedule permits it.

What’s more, groups at Extreme Circus in Cabarete are always kept small so that you can fly and enjoy each experience without lineups. We make sure everyone gets a ton of turns!

Flying Trapeze is not just fun but an excellent workout as well

A trapeze class may not feel like working out, but it actually is. Your mind is on the moves and the fun, and you don’t even realize how many muscles you are working. The workout regimen is far more intensive than going to the gym. All the excitement makes you push your body harder and faster than you would if you were not engaged. The momentum of the movement gives you such a high that you don’t ever want the session to end.

Ticking things off your bucket list

Flying Trapeze classes are a great fun way to maintain and improve fitness, focus, flexibility, and strength. A great experience to tick off your bucket list.

If you are a first-timer, we take special care to ensure you understand what you will be doing, and we thoroughly explain all the systems that will be helping you have not only a fun time but also a safe one.

Great for all ages, and as mentally thrilling as it is physically rejuvenating, Flying Trapeze is for everyone!

It’s no surprise that Circus Arts are becoming ever so popular, since they are so much fun, and good for your fitness and happiness levels as well. No matter your age, Extreme Circus Flying Trapeze Camp gives you the opportunity to tick off a thrilling experience on your bucket list!

‘I am so glad I ticked Flying Trapeze off my bucket list! It was my first time trying to fly trapeze, and loved it, even though I was scared of the height, at first. Instructors there are amazing and really patient. Definitely will train again when I go back to Cabarete!’
Kirsty, USA