Girlfriend Getaway Activities — Part 1: Favourite Places in Cabarete

By Ally Hornsby

Girlfriend Getaway Activities Encuantro Beach Cabarete

Girlfriend Getaway Activities — Part 1: Favourite Places in Cabarete

You’re on holiday with a group of your best girlfriends, and you’re all staying at the Extreme Hotel Cabarete. How do you plan to spend your vacation? What are you girls into? Sporty activities? Cute coffee spots? Good food? Partying and dancing the night away? Here are some ideas for great girlfriend getaway activities in the Dominican Republic.

This is the first post in a three-part series.

Girlfriend Getaway Activities — Encuantro Beach

At the Extreme Hotel, we’ve got you covered with surfing, kite surfing, yoga, workouts, and circus arts!

If you and your girls are into surfing, Encuantro Beach is about a 5 to 10-minute moto ride from the Extreme Hotel. If you book at the front desk of the Extreme Hotel, they can get you a shuttle ride whenever you want to surf. They can also schedule your lessons and board rentals. Enjoy the calm and cool vibes between catching waves with your girlfriends at this amazing beach. It’s just right for beginners and challenging enough for seasoned surfers.

Girlfriend Getaway Activities — GoKite Cabarete

However, if Kite Surfing is more your thing, you’re already on the best beach for that. You can book lessons and rent equipment at GoKite Cabarete, inside La Mesa Taina Restaurant. The coaches are great and work with all levels. With their help and support, you’ll have everything you need to become a skilful kite surfer.

Girlfriend Getaway Activities — Yoga Loft

Next, imagine starting or ending the day with a mindful yoga practice while listening to the ocean, watching the waves, and enjoying the cool breeze as it caresses your skin. Doesn’t that sound great? You can experience that at the Yoga Loft. With two classes a day, in the morning and evening, you and your girlfriends will get yourselves centered.

Moreover, the Extreme Hotel has a gym that offers a daily class schedule. The gym is beside the Yoga Loft and hotel guests can use it throughout the day. Our on-site nutritionist is available to provide nutrition advice, classes, and other valuable tips.

Girlfriend Getaway Activities — Extreme Circus

Are you and your girls adventurous? Do you like the sound of the flying trapeze, aerial arts, and hand balancing? If they get your blood pumping, come fly high with us at the Extreme Circus! What better place to try the flying trapeze for your first time than somewhere where you can view the ocean and the mountains of the Dominican Republic? Flying trapeze is also a great team-building activity. So if you’re all looking for some good bonding moments, facing your fears, and doing something you probably thought you’d never do, with your best friends cheering you on, come and soar to new heights with us.


After all those activities, treat yourselves to a relaxing massage. The front desk at the Extreme Hotel will be more than happy to schedule those for you and your girlfriends.

Create more special moments with your girls by signing up for a group photo shoot. Pick the time and place, against the backdrop of a stunning sunrise or sunset. Now every time you look at those professionally taken and edited photos, you’ll remember those cherished moments with your besties.

Are you ready for an epic girls’ trip in Cabarete?

The second instalment in this series is coming soon.