Juggling takes practice

Gregory Tiwald about eXtreme Circus free Friday Night Juggling

First things first, juggling takes practice.  I first learned to juggle eight years ago, and throughout all the tricks I’ve learned, the most important thing is that juggling requires hours, nay, DAYS of practice. While it’s easy to learn – most can pick it up in about five minutes – mastering the multitude of patterns and increasing the number of objects thrown takes a huge amount of patience.  Patience and practice.  I don’t want this to sound too bleak though, because it’s incredibly rewarding to master a new trick.  Not to mention, that juggling takes on a whole new life when you add friends to the mix!  Learning to pass is a great way to build teamwork, to laugh, and to have fun.  Being creative with a friend, and seeing what new type of goofy pattern you can create is part of what makes juggling so addictive.  Adding in the benefit to your hand eye coordination, you’ve got a fun sport everyone should try.

So, in that vein, now that the school here at eXtreme Circus is up and running, let me invite you to a free juggling class! Every Friday at our restaurant, La Mesa Taina, we have a free juggling class from 7:30-9:30PM.  As a bonus, we also run our happy hour during those times as well, to better lubricate the learning process.  Now, it’s important to understand that dangerous acrobatics and alcohol NEVER go together, and are best appreciated at separate times.  But juggling isn’t dangerous 😃  You get to throw soft plush balls around with a group of others all having a great time on the beach in Cabarete, and frankly, what could be better than that?

So with all that said, I invite you to join me and my team for mojitos and a free juggling lesson every Friday evening.  Keep an open mind, and you may just find your next passion as a performer in the circus arts!  ‘Till next time, circus monkeys 😊

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