Justin’s Experience At eXtreme Circus

Guest Blog By Justin Wood

Where do you even begin at eXtreme Circus and eXtreme Hotel? There’s so much to go over, and if your time is booked short you might find you’ll have to come back again to get the full experience.

Justin Wood eXtreme Circus Camp

Starting with the staff: as a new world traveler, it was my first time out of the country and they were prompt and helpful in providing information about what I would need, what I could do, and how to best get to the hotel itself. They arranged the taxi service and it was only a matter of time before I was meeting them face to face and getting the hands on tour and introduction of the Hotel itself. Everyone there was nothing short of delightful to meet and interact with throughout the week.

The circus package and the crew running the trapeze rig are an incredible value for this magical zone tucked inside the hotel grounds. The trapeze itself is in excellent condition and obviously well maintained by the staff. Gregory, Holly, and Fabien are your angels, coaches, and best friends for your adventure into trapeze and circus. They understand everything you need to know about having a wonderful and safe experience on a death defying trapeze rig and its stunts. On the ground, they have kinesthetic exercises to suggest that I’d not even heard of before.

Daily, when I was done on the trapeze, I found myself either in the pool, in the restaurant, or on the exactly adjacent and incredible beachside view. If the minted mojito’s weren’t enough, the passionate local staff of the restaurant were a delight to imbibe drink with as well as enjoy authentic Dominican meals.

A good deal of produce comes from their farm offsite, which I absolutely recommend touring. Even if learning about an incredible symbiotic relationship between plants, water, and lovely fish isn’t your thing, the river float has to be (or will be once you’ve tried it!). A very passionate Robby, your tour guide into everything Dominican Republic, leads you through the journey himself. A small hike through the local village sets you deep into a cresting valley where the clearest, coolest river winds its way back and through the landscape back to where you started. If you’re lucky, you may even find a bottle of extra aged Dominican Rum!

Justin Unicorn eXtreme Circus Camp CabareteBack at the Hotel, there is a full gym and workout sessions to suit any eXtreme fitness need. The yoga loft extends above the beach view, further bringing its attendees to a place of relaxation and Zen. Both Jeremy and Molly were welcoming and informative for the surrounding area, as well. I was introduced to a couple locals down the road from the hotel within my first day of arriving and revisited a couple of the shops nearby throughout the week.

Cabarete and Sosua are both very nearby, so even when the soaring sun reigns down from above, the beach on your way to Cabarete or the taxi on the way to Sosua will keep you cool. Every single morning was refreshing and the wind would pick up in the times when it started getting heated. Enough wind, and the neighboring kiteboarding school would pick up; the eXtreme’s restaurant has front row seating to that experience! Unfortunately I ran out of time and wasn’t able to partake myself; next time!

As the days progressed, the restaurant itself could accommodate at night but if you explored Cabarete well enough in the day, you could find your way into the night life. Robby has an abundance of information and the entirety of the Cabarete beach (20-25 minutes down the way) is well lit and exciting. The nearby Sosua, during the day, has world class scuba diving and a variety of experiences like hiking, kayaking, and canyoning; but as I have to emphasize, there’s so much to do that you won’t want to book yourself short!

Overall, my first experience out of my own country was made incredible by this group and its facility. I would wake up incredibly refreshed each morning before things opened up and watch the beach in the cool, crisp morning. I insist on making this a stop on the world travelers map. I kept telling myself that it would stop being fun and waited for the dread to set in, but the time and place never came until I landed back home at reality. Happy travels, future eXtreme Hotel guests!

Fellow World Traveler JWood

Justin hanging out in the Lobby of eXtreme hotel with his ghost cube