FAQ and General Information

We are sure you’re excited about your upcoming stay! We collected some useful information, FAQs and general information to help get you settled in and feeling as part of the eXtreme family!

eXtreme is not your typical hotel. We are an eco hotel that works to support our environment – and as such we have a few quirks in how we operate. Once you’ve read through we encourage you to watch our welcome video which explains how everything works.

Getting here

To get here from Puerto Plata airport (POP) you have options.

We can arrange a Taxi for you – look for a misspelling of your name on a sign. $35 US

Guagua (kind of public bus)- much less comfortable and easy but more adventurous – just walk out to the main road (about 1 km), head east (to the left if the airport is behind you) and wait for a van/car on the side of the road $1/40rd. They wont have change. We don’t recommend this for night flights.

Grab your own taxi – just tell the driver you want to go to eXtreme hotel Kite Beach, Cabarete

If you are coming from Santo Domingo (SDQ) or Santiago (STI), use Coco tours – they will pick up at any hour and have a round trip rate.

To find us: You will see a white wall with a big orange ‘e’ on it, and a big orange gate with a white ‘e’ on it, on the ocean side of the road. We are located next to Kite Beach Hotel.

If you are coming to us on your own, please confirm your estimated arrival time so we can have someone here waiting for you.

If you are coming late at night, we will leave your room key with the guard so you can get to your room, and you can check in the next morning.


A 50% deposit is required to hold your space, with the remainder due in cash on arrival.

Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to other camps within the next 12 months.

Our posted rates are the cash rates. We accept cash, travelers’ cheques, xoom or bank transfers, and Paypal. If you choose to pay the entire balance by PayPal, there is a 5.9% surcharge, and you have to pay the entire amount before arrival.

Please inform us of any add ons you would like (such as room upgrades or taxi services) before we complete the payment of your trip.

Do not hesitate to get in touch for any question you might have: info@cabaretecircus.com

We are looking forward to seeing you!

eXtreme hotel

eXtreme is ground zero for all the action on kite each. Even if you are staying elsewhere, this is where the gym, yoga loft, circus school, swimming pool and beach restaurant are.  All our non-eXtreme accommodation is within walking distance. The gym, yoga loft, circus, kite school, and restaurant are all separate businesses on one awesome property. We give all eXtreme guests special rates to use these facilities, but it is all additional to the cost of your room. If you want to book lessons or classes with any of these businesses, ask the on duty guest services person.

Please confirm what bed configuration you need before you arrive. If you are staying at eXtreme, the rooms have either one double bed, two single beds, or one double and one single bed.

Your computer is almost a necessity – and it’s safe to leave it in your room. There are safes in the rooms and 2 wi-fi internet connections. You can get a signal in your room depending on your network card, and computers get a much better signal in comparison to mobile devices.

The hotel is fully solar powered.  It takes a bit of time to get in tempo with solar power, but the logic is to use less power in general and manage your consumption habits so that you use more power during sunny days.  For example, don’t bring a hair dryer, as it will only suck up the power and leave us all in the dark until the next day.

In your room there is a refrigerator and drinking water dispenser for 5 gallon jugs of drinking water.  If you want a refill, bring your empty bottle down stairs and swap it for a full jug. The $8 will be deducted from your deposit refund.

Upon check in, we need you to sign in and sign a liability waiver. This is the eXtreme hotel, and although accidents and missing items are rare they do happen and so, as everywhere in the world, we do this to help you protect yourself.

The entrance gates have a round key that you turn once to the right to unlock. These gates lock behind you, so you always need your keys with you.

Bring a water bottle or reuse a small plastic water bottle to refill from the 5 gallon water jugs in your room.  Bedding and small towels are provided, but some people choose to bring their own. We get a lot of 2 week to 2 month guests, and the rooms are more studios for the active than plush comfort.

We try to limit excess consumption and waste. Our maids only clean your room every second day. We use low flow shower heads and ask that you place toilet paper and trash in the bin rather than flushing it.

Bring toiletries including soap and shampoo as the hotel does not provide them – quality products are hard to find in Cabarete.

It’s an eco building in a harsh environment, so things break and occasionally the power or hot water runs out. But it’s low carbon footprint, the place has tons character and it’s fun.  We fix everything promptly, and the outages rarely last longer than a few minutes.

If you run out of toilet paper, need extra towels, or your waste bin is full- the hallway closets are stocked with extras, or ask and we’ll have your room cleaned in the afternoon. The garbage cans are located by the pool or near the water station out front.

Mosquitos are a reality in the tropics. We have screened your balcony and the vents above your door. We provide you with a mosquito racquet when you check in to zap invaders! Insect repellent on the ankles is recommended. We like organic, natural products, as found here, but you can also find OFF! here in town. We spray our property with neem tree oil regularly, a natural deterrent.

Our hotel has animals on the team: Our guard dog  keeps the night watchman company, he is fiercely loyal, and will protect you from strangers upon command. Our cat, Matilda, is also very friendly- she is on pest control, but will visit you outside your room. If you are not a cat person, just ignore her and she will only occasionally say hello.

Staff live on site, so there’s always someone to help you. You can contact the manager on +1-809-350-4307 with your questions, send a facebook message to ‘Roxy Extrema’ or call ‘extreme.hotels’ on skype. The night watchman can call staff in case of an emergency.

There’s an activity board outside the office where we post eXtreme team events and FYIs. Check it out daily.We will have activities like a river float, horseback riding, canyoning, hiking, white water rafting, snorkelling, the 27 waterfalls tour and sometimes special dinners scheduled in advance, so check out the itinerary when you arrive.

A recent New York exec described it as ‘upscale hosteling, except with your own room and bathroom and way cooler.’  It’s in the middle of a big property on a world class kitesurfing beach at the foot of a rain-forest jungle with a sustainable garden on one side, and a flying trapeze on the other.  You can watch the circus practice from your balcony.


eXtreme is home to the only farm-to-table restaurant in Cabarete. There are also plenty of restaurants in town, and going out in Cabarete is a fun and social thing to do.  Often groups from the hotel will gather around to go out into town together.  If you’re looking for something special, ask us, as we have a ton of great recommendations.

Safety in Cabarete is typically not an issue, but better to be safe than sorry.  We don’t recommend walking the beach at night. Jewellery, smartphones and loose cash are easy targets, so don’t bring them.

Please note that the hotel enforces a no guests policy, so if you meet someone in the bar, go to their place.

The dress code in Cabarete is surfer casual.  Don’t bring anything fancy.

As a part of our eco-efforts we do not provide beach towels, toiletries, or washing machines. There is a wash and fold laundry service in Cabarete for $30 RD/pound. You can pick up your clothes the next day.

Getting to and from Cabarete, we either walk the beach  (1.5 miles, 30 min), run (record is 8 minutes), take a moto taxi (only get on or off from the left to avoid burning your leg) for $50 RD, or a taxi for $250 RD, or a public van for $25 RD. Video

More info

You can read up about us on Facebook by clicking ‘like’ on our Facebook page

Bring Sunscreen, and be prepared for a good time.

We hope this info helps you feel a little more at home and part of the eXtreme family even before your arrival. If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask!