Physical Requirements for attending a circus class

by Sarah Lavoie, Aerial Arts Instructor

eXtreme Circus Cabarete aerial hoop physical requirements for attending a class

Probably many of you have already dreamt about subscribing to a circus class and thought that your physical strength couldn’t let you even try it. Either talking about flying trapeze of an aerial class, it looks like the upper body  requires a lot of strength and that you need to have done lots of gymnastics before even thinking about taking a class… But don’t get fooled! Your arms can naturally hold you and your legs are definitively the strongest part of your body and that’s why you will use them!

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From an office to a circus ramp

Sarah Lavoie aerial instructor eXtreme Circus CabareteA little more than a year ago, I was a normal businesswoman working in an office, 40 hours a week, no physical training at all. I was conscious about what I was eating but did not do much sports expect walking with my dog. On the day that I started doing trapeze, I literally fell in love with the adrenaline that it was giving me and also the feeling of accomplishment after every single step of the learning process. Day after day, I learned new tricks and found myself developing muscles. I basically started from nothing and became an artist by training a minimum of 4 times a week.

That being said, anybody can be in my place! Circus instructors know exactly what you are going through because they walked the same path before! No matter your weight, your background or your physical strength, there is always a way to start circus.

It happens again last week!

One of the greatest example, and super fresh one, is Sophia. She was a guess at eXtreme Hotel who didn’t exercise a lot before except skating as a kid. She came on vacation with her family, for them to enjoy kite surfing, and her to enjoy the weather, sun and beach. She was shy to come over and ask for a class, but a few days before leaving, she finally went for it! She first started at the flying trapeze and then saw herself moving into an aerial class instead. The aerial instructors carefully listened to her goals and experience and made her try the lyra (aerial hoop). This nice apparatus in a circle shape is one of the most beautiful and elegant acts that you will see in a circus show. Motivated, she trained for a total of 4 hours and got a nice video to show her friend and family. Proudly smiling, she flew back few minutes after her last training. See it by yourself in the pictures and have a look at our camps, you can do it too!

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